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White Papers

Insightful papers on web scraping and data extraction


Data Quality Assurance: A Sneak Peak Inside Scrapinghub’s Data QA Process

Get a behind the scenes look at how Scrapinghub can scrape the web at scale whilst virtually gaurenting data quality and reliability.

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Enterprise Web Scraping: A Guide to Scraping at Scale

Need to scale your web scraping? How to build a scalable web scraping infrastructure for your business or project.

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Web Scraping: Best Practices

Worried your web scraping project might get you into trouble? Follow these web scraping best practices so you can scrape the web with peace of mind.


Enterprise Web Scraping: The Build In-House vs Outsource Decision

Has web scraping become too hard to handle? Learn When You Should Outsource Web Scraping To A Dedicated Firm or Build A Team Inhouse.

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Data Use Cases: Gain a Competitive Edge with Web Scraped Product Data

Five use cases demonstrating the power of web scraped product data in e-commerce, product development and investing.

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Data Use Cases: Fueling Business Intelligence with Web Scraped New data

Three use cases demonstrating the power of web scraped news and article data in investing, sentiment analysis and competitor monitoring.

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Data Use Cases: Empowering Analysis with Online Public Sentiment Data

Five use cases demonstrating the power of web scraped data for online public sentiment monitoring.


Watch our growing collection of webinars covering all aspects of web scraping

GDPR Web & Scraping Compliance

Sanaea Daruwalla Head of Legal at Scrapinghub explains the 5 key considerations around web scraping compliance and GDPR.

How to Deploy a Scrapy Project to Scrapy Cloud

In this tutorial we show to deploy a Scrapy web crawler to the Scrapy Cloud platform in just a few steps.

Case Studies

Industry case studies delivering value through data extraction

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Mining Web Data to Uncover Job Listings & Wage Trends

How Scrapinghub helped one of the world’s leading e-commerce retailers extract the data they need to make better hiring decisions.

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